Bibliography of Magazine Research, 6th Edition 2008


Sixth Edition, 2008

Citations Include Research on the Four Basic Types of Non-Newspaper Periodicals:
Lifestyle (including Consumer), Occupational (Including Business or Trade), Scholarly Journals,
and Organization Publications, as well as Advertising in Each Type)

Marcia R. Prior-Miller, Compiler
Associate Professor and Meredith Apprentice Professor
Greenlee School of Journalism and Communication, Iowa State University, Ames, Iowa.

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This bibliography began with a census and analysis of the research abstracts in Communication Abstracts, volume 1, 1976. To this foundation were added entries from each subsequent volume, through the current, 2008 issues. Citations from American Periodicals (Volumes 1 to present), and the on-line Journal of Magazine and New Media Research (Volumes 1 to present), and other articles are added on a regular basis from a wide variety of sources as they become available.

The foundational framework for the bibliography is a sociology of mass communication perspective applied to magazines as the medium of communication. Thus, the bibliography is designed to incorporate research that

1.    explores the social history of the emergence and growth of the field of magazine publishing;

2.    analyzes the ongoing social system within the field;


3.    evaluates diagnostic categories and criteria for investigating communication problems and structure as they occur in the magazine industry and magazines as a medium of communication.  

Units and subcategories are based on an analysis of the research question and dependent variable for the research and are added as new areas of research evolve. Citations are listed twice when judged necessary for greater accessibility.

Entries are listed within units and subunits in reverse chronological order, beginning with the most recent citation, and alphabetically within years. Citations are generally presented following style guidelines adapted from American Sociological Association Style.

Every effort has been made to ensure accuracy of citations and placement of articles. Errors are the sole responsibility of the compiler, who asks that corrections and additions be sent to

Much credit for the compilation of this bibliography is due to graduate and undergraduate research assistants and freshmen honors students at Iowa State University, without whose work the bibliography and holdings of published research (noted as cc: on file) would not have been possible. These include:

Graduate research assistants, Chen, Ko-Jung (2007-08); Deshara Thomas (2004 to 2006); undergraduate research assistants: Jamica Fonseca (2008); Nicolle Stumpf (2003-2004), Sarah Greenlee (2002-2003); Jaclyn Hruska (2001-2002); Genelle Nissen Deist (1999 - 2000), Jayne Bullock, (1992 - 1993); and Kellie Esch (1987 - 1992).

Freshman honors students Josh Larson (Spring 2008); Kathy Huting, Suzanne Edson, Amanda Crawford (Spring 2005); Andrea Butson and Michelle Kalkhoff (Spring 2004); Joela Kemp and Megan Eagan (2002-2003); Ruben Hidalgo (Spring 2001); Morris Smith (Fall 1995 to Spring 1996), Jason Ellingson and Courtney King (Spring 1994); Murray Williams (Spring 1993); Theresa Wilson and Kelly Farrell (Spring 1992); and Suzanne Cobb (Spring 1991).

Funding at the inception of this project was provided through Faculty Research Incentive grants from Iowa State University, Ames, Iowa. Three special research grants from the Freshman Honors Program at Iowa State University made possible the ongoing development of the bibliography. Additional funds were provided through Iowa State University’s College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Small Grants program (Spring 2008) and a Kappa Tau Alpha Chapter Adviser Research Grant (Spring 2008).

Marcia R. Prior-Miller


        Introduction to the Bibliography

Unit 1. Introduction to Communication Research on Magazines: State of the Field


Unit 2. The Literature of Magazine Research: Bibliographies of Research on Magazines

    2A. Bibliographic Essays and Bibliometric Research
    2B. Bibliographies

 Unit 3. Doing Scholarly Magazine Research: Historical and Qualitative Methods

    3A. Historical Methods and Magazine Research
    3B. Historical Methods and Communication Research, with                
          Applications to Research on Magazines
    3C. Other Qualitative Methods and Magazine Research
    3D. Qualitative Methods and Communication Research, with
          Applications to Research on Magazines


Unit 4. Doing Scholarly Magazine Research: Quantitative Methods and Methodological Studies

    4A. Quantitative Methods and Magazine Research
    4B. Theoretical and Methodological Studies with Applications to
          Research on Magazines
    4C. Bibliometric Studies in Other Communication Sectors

Unit 5. The Magazine Industry: Historical and Contemporary Perspectives (See also: International Magazines: Historical and Contemporary Studies by Country, Region, Types, Target Audience, Editorial Interest Areas or Titles)

    5AA. Books: Overviews of the Industry
    5A. Historical and Selected Contemporary Studies of Magazines by 
    5B. Historical and Selected Contemporary Studies of Magazines by
          Editorial Interest Areas and Audiences
    5C. Historical and Selected Contemporary Studies of Magazines by
    5D. Historical Studies of Magazine by Content


 Unit 6. Studies of the People and the Social Structure of the Magazine Industry (See also: International Magazines: Studies of People and Industry Social Structure)

    6A. Theory and Methods: People and Social Structure of the
          Magazine Industry
    6AA. Historical and Contemporary Studies of Publishers and
            Publishing Companies
    6B. The People of Magazine Publishing: Historical and Contemporary
          Studies (Including, Editors, Writers, Designers and
          Photographers, Business Staff)
    6C. Comparative Studies of the Social Structure of the Magazine  


 Unit 7. Audience and Media / Magazine Effects Studies  (See also: International Magazines: Audience Studies, Media Effects, Media and Culture)

    7A. Theory and Methods: Audience Analysis and Media Effects
    7B. Audience Analyses
    7C. Studies of the Effects of Magazine Editorial Content on
          Audiences and Audience Media Choices
    7D. Studies of the Effects of Magazine Advertising Content on   


 Unit 8. Studies of Magazine Editorial Content (See also: International Magazines: Treatment of Editorial Content)

    8A. Theory and Methods: Editorial Content
    8B. Editorial Content: Content as Literature (Literary Journalism)
          and Approaches to Writing, Style
    8C. Source Analyses
    8D. Editorial Treatment of Business and Business Issues in Lifestyle  
          and Occupational (Business/Trade) Publications
    8E. Editorial Treatment of Education, History and National Culture
    8F. Editorial Treatment of Government and Politics, Social
         Movements and Political Issues, including Terrorism, Crime,
         Violence and War
    8G. Editorial Treatment of International Politics, Cultures in U.S.
          Media / Magazines
    8H. Editorial Treatment of Popular Culture, including Music and
    8I. Editorial Treatment of Religion
    8J. Editorial Treatment of Social Issues: Social Movements, Minorities
          and Ethnic Groups
    8K. Editorial Treatment of Social Issues: Men, Women and Family,
          Gender and Sex Roles(Historical and Contemporary Perspectives)
    8L. Editorial Treatment of Social Issues: Gender and Sex Roles in
          Fiction and Cartoons
    8M. Editorial Treatment of Science, Environment and Technology
    8N. Editorial Treatment of Health and Medicine, Eating Disorders,
          Disabilities, Drug Use and Alcoholism
    8O. Editorial Content: Magazines and Technology
    8P. Editorial Content: Cartoons


 Unit 9. Magazines and Advertising (See also: International Magazines: Advertising)

    9A. Theory and Methods: Magazine Advertising
    9B. Magazine Advertising History
    9C. Magazine Advertising: Editorial Environment, Source effects and
    9D. Magazine Advertising: Studies of Appeals and Strategies
    9E. Magazine Advertising: Studies of Treatment of Political, Social,
          Health, and Environmental Issues
    9F. Advertising Treatment of Minorities and Ethnic Groups
    9G. Advertising Treatment of Men, Women, Gender, Sex and Family
    9H. Magazine Advertising: Treatment of Age
    9I. Magazine Advertising: Alternative forms (Classified, bingo cards,
         on-line, etc.)


 Unit 10. Magazines: Design, Layout and Visual Treatment
(See also: International: Design, Layout and Visual Treatment)

    10A. Visual Theory, Methods
    10B. Editorial: Design and Layout, Visuals
    10BB. Covers
    10C. Advertising: Design and Layout, Visuals


 Unit 11. Studies on Producing the Product (See also: International Magazines: Creating the Product)

    11A. Theory and Methods: Producing the Product
    11B. Determining Editorial Content
    11C. Developing Magazine Advertising
    11D. Electronic Magazines


 Unit 12. The Management, Economics, and Marketing of Magazine Publishing (See also: International Magazines: Management and Economics)

    12A. Theory and Methods, Magazine Management and Economics
    12B. Magazine Management: Publisher-as-Funder Impacts
    12C. Magazine Management of Editorial Content
    12D. Magazine Advertising as a Funding Base for Magazine Publishing
    12E. Circulation and Distribution


 Unit 13.    Magazines in International Markets

    13A. Theory and Methods: International Magazines
    13B. International Magazines: Historical and Contemporary Studies
            by Country, Region, Types, Target Audience, Editorial Interest  
            Areas or Titles
    13C. International Magazines: Studies of People and Industry Social
    13D. International Magazines: Audience Studies
    13E. International Magazines: Media Effects, Media and Culture
    13F. International Magazines: Treatment of Editorial Content
    13G. International Magazines: Advertising
    13GG. International Magazines: Design, Layout and Visual Treatment
    13H. International Magazines: Creating the Product
    13I. International Magazines: Management and Economics
    13J. International Magazines: Ethics and Media Law
    13K. International Magazines: Curriculum, Pedagogy and Faculty


 Unit 14. Magazines, Ethics and Media Law (See also: International Magazines: Ethics and Media Law)

    14A. Ethics of Magazine Journalism and Publishing
    14B. Magazines and Media Law
    14C. Copyright Law
    14D. Commercial Speech
    14E: Libel and Defamation
    14F: Privacy


 Unit 15. Preparing for Careers in Magazine Journalism and Publishing: Curriculum, Pedagogy and Faculty Development (See also: International Magazines: Curriculum, Pedagogy and Faculty Development)

    15A. Philosophy of Magazine Journalism Education
    15B. Teaching Writing and Editing (Including Layout and Design)
    15C. Teaching Research on Magazines
    15D. The University Professor and Professional Productivity
    15E. Internships and Job Placement